Our Marketing Strategy

Have a look at the various marketing techniques and applications we use to your advantage in order to gain the most exposure when listing your home or property.

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Being a top performer for sellers doesn’t just come about by chance… We know how to effectively advertise.

Traditional Marketing

This includes yard signs, flyers, newspaper ads, and the scheduling of open houses.

Internet Marketing

Studies show that over 85% of buyers initiate their home search on the Internet.


We utilize the latest technology to make your listing stand out!

Traditional Marketing

Tried and true methods to gaining the attention of potential buyers

Yard Sign

A yard sign is still an effective way to reach potential buyers, because in many cases, buyers drive the neighbors based on information received in other advertising or they just simply drive by and see it.


When featured alongside a yard sign, flyers offer pertinent information about your property and help a potential buyer to remember the highlights of your home. Those strolling the neighbor, driving by, or viewing your home won’t forget about your property, and that’s good for you!

Open House

This is a great way to generate interest in your home and an easy way to gain quick exposure to many potential buyers.

Internet Marketing

This is the best way to reach potential buyers!


The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database that maximizes exposure of your property to the outside world. Through internet data exchanges, the MLS shares information about your listing to several websites. The Santa Fe Association of Reatlors (SFAR) hosts the MLS for our area and is only accessible by licensed agents who pay an annual fee for the service.

Social Media

We utilize social media, especially with pre-advertising efforts in order to get your home or property noticed even before it goes on the market. Browse to our Facebook page to see an example of how we make frequent use of this advertisement opportunity.


We have several options involving the latest technology that we can utilize to your advantage.

HDR Photography

We set ourselves apart from others by using High-Dynamic Range (HDR) photography for your listing. HDR is a form of photography that more vividly depicts the features of your home or property. It can be captured both indoors and outdoors, and works by blending various exposures of the same shot. More effort? Yes! But our clients deserve it.

Matterport Virtual Tours

Easily the most unique form of technology that we use, Matterport Virtual Tours provide an unmatched, 3D interactive tour experience of your home. With it, viewers can “walk through” your house from the comfort of their own home, even if they live somewhere else on the globe. A “doll-house” view within the tour allows a unique perspective of the home that no other virtual tour can offer.

Video Walk-throughs

Yet another perspective that can give a “showcase feel” to your home. We can produce these videos to further improve a potential buyer’s understanding of your home’s most outstanding features.

Aerial Photography / Video

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAS), or more commonly known as “drones”, have opened up more possibilities for offering unique perspectives to buyers. If you are selling land or property near a unique location or boasts unique features, we are ready to use this technology to your advantage.